1. What is Asurion Mobile+?

2. Is Asurion Mobile+ an insurance program?

3. Where can I purchase Asurion Mobile+?

4. Can I only buy Asurion Mobile+ for a new device?

5. Which devices are eligible for Asurion Mobile+?

6. Am I eligible to purchase Asurion Mobile+?

7. How much does Asurion Mobile+ cost?

8. When does my Asurion Mobile+ product start?

Product Features

9. What is Mobile Refresh?

10. What is Mobile Replacement?

11. What technical support is provided with Asurion Mobile+?

12. What is a refurbished device?

Service Request

13. How do I make a service request?

14. What information do I need to make a service request?

15. How much is the service fee if I want to complete my service request?

16. How do I pay for my service fee?

17. How do I prepare my enrolled device for mail-in?

18. Does my delivery need to be signed for?

19. How do I turn off Find My iPhone?

20. How long will it take to receive my mobile replacement or my device following the mobile refresh service?

21. Do screen and mobile replacements come with a warranty?

22. What is the procedure making an Australian Consumer Law or warranty claim?

23. How do I track my service request?

24. How do I change my delivery address for a service request I made?

25. What happens if I sell my enrolled device?

26. What happens if I purchase a new phone?

27. How do I cancel Asurion Mobile+?

28. Need further help?